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Pets are our best friends and you love to have them as a part of your life. Like all living things, they too have a system of waste removal from the body. We can toilet train them just like our children, but then you know the law of nature. When it has to happen, it will occur and so is true for our pets to urinate at home.

No matter how well your pet is trained, sometimes pee happens, and the sooner it is cleaned the faster we can get rid of the bad odor. Some guidance is needed when it comes to pet urine smell removal methods. So, besides the solution of equal parts of vinegar and water and 2 teaspoons of baking soda, we will be looking at some other options to remove the odor.

Ways for Pet Urine Smell Removal

a. Rinse With Water

‘I know this’! Yes, of course, you do and just to add on you could rent a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. It would be a good idea not to use a steam cleaner as the steam will only make the stain permanent.

b. Use Enzymatic Cleaner

This is easily available online and can be used for the removal of stains and bad odor. It breaks down the pet waste in the fabric. Thus, removing the stain and the smell coming from it. You can use it if you are not satisfied with your regular rinse and clean.

c . Paper Towels and Newspapers

For the owners who are new to the pet stains, this is going to be the first step to your cleaning process. Use a thick pile of paper towels on the wet spot. Cover it with newspaper, this will help in absorbing the urine. Remove the paper and rinse with water. Finally, blot up all the water.

Even after so many efforts, molds start to develop due to the moisture left behind after cleaning. Pet urine smell removal experts suggest the help of cleaning services for the best results.

Grab Professional Pet Stain And Odor Removal Services?

Pet Urine Smell Removal Services San Diego

At AVS Carpet Cleaning, we provide our services in a professional manner
1. First inspect urine affected areas. Even use UV light to detect areas not visible by the human eyes.
2. Use the latest tools and solutions to eliminate the stains and bacteria that cause the odor.
3. Our professionals use a high-tech water extraction tool to extract all the water used in the rinsing process to resolve the mold problems.

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