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Hardwood flooring has been around us for centuries. But in the past two decades, laminate flooring has taken up the market by storms. Both the flooring traditionally uses hardwood as the base. Therefore, they are as sturdy as horses and also beautiful to look at. However, cleaning and maintaining them is harder than you think. The debris trapped inside the flooring doesn’t come off with basic vacuuming and mopping. We at AVS Carpet Cleaning provide professional hardwood and laminate cleaning services in the San Diego area.

Hardwood & Laminate Cleaning

Our professional hardwood and laminate floor cleaner aims to deliver fast, reliable, and safe cleaning services. For doing so, our cleaners undergo a thorough training process. Here, they learn the correct way to clean the flooring and also how to interact with clients. Besides that, our professional hardwood floor cleaners use only the best and safest cleaning solutions for your floors. We also focus on using the latest cleaning equipment to clean hardwood and laminate floors. This helps in providing great professional hardwood and laminate cleaning experience to our customers.

Why Hardwood And Laminate Cleaning Services Differ From Others?

  • Highly skilled and knowledgeable team of cleaners
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Use of high-grade cleaning equipment and tools
  • Safe and eco-friendly cleaning solutions
  • Thorough cleaning process
  • Fast, reliable and trustworthy cleaning service
  • Courteous and helpful staff
  • Affordable pricing

Hardwood And Laminate Cleaning Service Process

The first step involves a preliminary inspection of your hardwood or laminate flooring. It helps to identify key concerns you have with your flooring. At the same time, the laminate floor cleaning technician also comes up with the best floor cleaning solution for all your floor-related problems.

Then the entire space is cleared out and the vacuum process starts, which removes surface-level dust from the flooring. Once the dust is out of the way, the deep cleanings start.

Hardwood & Laminate Cleaning

The truck-mounted cleaning machine along with other floor cleaning equipment helps to deep-clean the surface. The cleaning solution sprayed along the surface of the hardwood and laminate floor helps to break down debris. Thus, the vacuum then sucks out all the contaminants along with water and cleaning agents.

At last, the floor is dried using big industry sized fans. Once dried, our cleaners perform one last inspection. We make sure that everything’s alright with the flooring and that our customers are happy with the service.

To keep your hardwood and laminate flooring shine like new, call AVS Carpet Cleaning in the San Diego region. We provide professional cleaning services for carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, pet odor removal, tile & grout cleaningdryer vent cleaning, residential or commercial cleaning. Call us today at 619-410-4324 to avail of our premier professional cleaning services.

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Hardwood & Laminate Cleaning
Hardwood & Laminate Cleaning
Hardwood & Laminate Cleaning
Hardwood & Laminate Cleaning

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us?

Alberto was courteous, competitive and punctual. You can’t see where the stains were! It is perfect! I would not hesitate to use his service again!
Barbara Kabes

Extremely professional and incredible work! Communication throughout the process and unreasonable bang for your buck. I will definitely be using them in the future!
Alex Douglas