Pet Odor Removal San Diego CA

Professional Pet Odor Removal in San Diego CA

A survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association in 2021-22 found that 70% of American households own a pet. Pets are great companions to have. Many people treat their pets as members of their family. Feed them like a baby, play with them, and whatnot. If you are also a pet parent, you might know that keeping a pet sometimes becomes a headache.

Pet Odor Removal San Diego
One of the important reasons behind that is their uncontrollable urine habits. This can happen due to lack of training, illness, or disobedience, and these urine accidents can ruin your carpet and upholstery. Even in some cases, they need to be replaced. The main problems associated with this issue are the stains and odors caused by the pet urine. Pet urine contains several acids and ammonia, which is why it smells so bad. This can be bad for our health as well.

This smell doesn’t go with basic cleaning materials available in the market. Instead, they start damaging the fibers of your carpet. Sometimes the urine stains are not visible to our eyes, which becomes more irritating. That is why it requires professional cleaning with the use of advanced machinery.

Our Pet Odor Removal Process


Our cleaning professionals first inspect all the areas with urine stains. For the invisible stains, we use UV lights. UV light detects the contaminated areas.

Application of Solution

After the inspection, our technicians start the cleaning process. The best-in-market cleaning solutions are then applied over the contaminated area thoroughly, and they are left untouched for some time.


The cleaning solution goes through the carpet fibers and neutralizes the odor-causing acids inside the carpet. After that, the stains are scrubbed using machines.


Once the cleaning process is complete, the affected area is rinsed with clean water. This eliminates all the chemical reactions. After a quick post-inspection, the cleaned area is left to dry.

Make Your Home Odor Free. Hire The Experts

Love your pets but can’t take that smell anymore? Don’t worry. AVS Carpet Cleaning can help you get rid of that. We will make your carpets and upholstery look and smell as if they were new. That too, in the minimum time and at affordable rates. Contact now.

Our Before / After Cleaning Gallery

Pet Odor Removal in San Diego CA
Pet Odor Removal in San Diego CA
Pet Odor Removal in San Diego CA
Pet Odor Removal in San Diego CA

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us?

“Alberto arrived at the scheduled time and did a walk thru to thoroughly explain the options to get rid of pet-stained carpet. The cost was reasonable for the amount of rooms and work that was needed.”

Paul Brown

“My brand new rug was ruined by a flood and AVS carpet cleaning came out and made it look brand new again. They also threw in an enzyme to help with being a pet owner.”

Alisha Bruner

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