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Pet Odor Removal San Diego

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Pets are great companions and everyone loves to raise pets at their homes. According to the 2017-2018 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) shows that 68% of households, or 85 million families, own a pet. Isn’t it remarkable? However, pets become your furry friend or a family member with whom you can play and spend your time. But, sometimes their unusual urine accidents damage your carpets, upholstery, and tiles at home.

Pet Odor Removal San Diego

As such pet odor removal seems to be a difficult task, especially when it is created in your home carpets or on vehicle upholsteries. The main reason for the pet urine odor is the type of chemicals present in it. 

Pet urine contains nitrogen due to which it has a strong ammonia smell in it. When this urine odor is mixed with all other impurities, the smell becomes more strong.  Because of it, you get more irritated. 

Moreover, when a pet urine falls on any surface like carpet or upholstery, it absorbs deep inside their fibers. Now, if these affected urine surfaces are not cleaned properly, then they will start stinking. 

Get Amazing Results By Professional Pet Odor Removal Services!

Sometimes, homeowners become “used to” with their pet urine odor. While if you still wish to remove the foul urine smell from your precious carpets and upholsteries, then connect with AVS Carpet Cleaning. 

Know Our Specialized Pet Stain And Odor Removal Process:-

  • At first, we inspect all the urine affected areas.  
  • For more detail check, our experts use UV light. It helps to find those areas that are not visible through the human eye.
  • After all the affected areas are identified, our professionals start with the cleaning treatment. 
  • We use the latest tools and solutions to eliminate all the stains and bacteria from the affected surfaces.
  • Now, apply the cleaning solution on the affected area, and leave it there for some time. Let the solution work on the stains. 
  • After the solution is absorbed on the surface, scrub the stains on it. We use all necessary precautions to not harm your affected surface while scrubbing.
  • Finally, rinse the area properly with water.
Pet Odor Removal San Diego

Often it happens that even after proper cleaning, the affected urine surfaces catch mold. It may occur because of the moisture remaining in it or the cleaning solution is not cleared fully from the surface. 

To solve the mold problem, our professionals use a high-tech water extraction tool. This tool extracts all the water used in the rinsing process of cleaning through its powerful suction pipe. We at AVS Carpet Cleaning perform this ultimate step to provide our clients with full satisfaction and guarantee about our services.

If you want us to help you with professional carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning,  tile & grout cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, residential or commercial cleaning in San Diego, call us today at 619-410-4324.

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Pet Odor Removal San Diego
Pet Odor Removal San Diego
Pet Odor Removal San Diego
Pet Odor Removal San Diego

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They did a great job! Very thorough and cleaned things I would never have thought could even get dirty. Also were very nice and non-judgmental about how gross my apartment was. Would hire them again.

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Had a lot of furniture cleaned yesterday by Albert and as always I am a happy customer. I have been using AVS carpet cleaning for about 7 years and am always happy with the way my stuff turns out.

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