3 Types of cleaning services for more attractive places

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August 19, 2022

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Types of Cleaning Services

In San Diego, the cleaning sector is becoming more professional and diversified. From floors to ceilings to windows, everything needs to be cleaned. But, what types of cleaning services do companies usually offer?

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    Regular cleaning services
    Project-based cleaning services
    One-time cleaning services

Well, let’s start by telling you that it just depends. For instance, some of the cleaning tasks we perform at AVS Carpet Cleaning need to be done regularly; others quite frequently and other tasks only on an occasional basis. The same cleaning services may vary from place to place due to different factors such as:

– room usage,
– traffic levels,
– size,
– client needs or
– budget.

Normally, a professional cleaner will take the time to evaluate all of these variables in order to determine what types of cleaning services meet the client’s needs. For starters, Cleaning services in San Diego are generally classified into three types based on frequency: Regular cleaning, Project-based cleaning and One-time cleaning.

Regular cleaning services

Janitors, or housekeepers, can be hired for all regular cleaning tasks. Whether in-house or outsourced, the staff perform a variety of potential tasks on a regular (daily/weekly) basis.

It is the facility manager or owner who determines which tasks will be performed and how often for regular housekeeping. This decision depends on all the usual variables (budget, usage, size, severity, traffic, etc.).

Project-based cleaning services

This type of cleaning service only needs to be completed on a monthly basis. It is often part of a project-based cleaning contract, and follows a specific cycle regardless of the daily cleaning tasks. They may be more demanding depending on the season or occasion. 

Beyond the daily and weekly repetitive cleaning type of tasks, there are also other types of residential cleaning, such as carpet, upholstery, tile & grout, and hardwood & Laminate floor deep cleaning.

These tasks may only need to be done a couple of times a year, (or at the manufacturer’s recommended frequency), but are still part of an anticipated cleaning plan and budget. 

One-time cleaning services

To better understand this type of cleaning service, we could call it piecework. These are one-time cleaning tasks. They are not recurring or necessarily part of the plan, but rather are requested/necessary on an unscheduled basis.

For example, a facility may require to have all of its areas cleaned to be sparkling for a conference. This is not regular maintenance, but it certainly makes a good impression.

Creating customized and effective plans with professional cleaning companies, like AVS Carpet Cleaning, is the solution to making your customers or guests want to walk through your front door!

Our experts will design the perfect plan for all types of cleaning services. Contact us now and get a reply today!

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