Carpet Cleaning

Being a pet owner, removing their bad urine odor from your house is a tedious task. Depending on the severity of the odor, the cleaning method will vary. Pets spend most of their time on carpet, rug, and floors. If you think to remove pet odor from these things, then spot treatment is a good idea. 

While hiring a professional pet odor removal service will give you better results. But, you may be afraid of the cost factor for professional services? So, let’s focus here on how much odor removal cost depending on the affected area and size.

Different Factors Affecting Pet Odor Removal Cost

You may find different pet removal products in a market that can be less expensive. But, most of the products will not do a magnificent job as a professional pet odor removal service. Suppose if you are planning for light carpet cleaning then it may range you $125 per room.

How much does odor removal cost

But, if planning to get rid of odor from carpet and upholstery cleaning with odor removal service, then this will be expensive. Cost may vary depending on the odor, for moderate pet odor it requires you to spend $175-$250/room. Professionals also provide chemical-free cleaning also at $500 for moderate pet odor.

It is always advisable to get your entire house cleaning or pet odor remediation at least once a year. This will allow your house to extract all types of odors that are accumulated in corners or other areas. So, for severe whole-house pet odor issues, you may have to spend $800 to $1000.

On average treating the pet stain can cost you between $125 to $1000 or this may differ based on your location and size of your house.

End Words

Pet stains may look small until you notice them by yourself. You will know the severity only after consulting professionals once they inspect the surface. Ignoring the pet odor can attract bacteria and viruses. Even mold growth can take place.

Seeking professional help like AVS Carpet Cleaning can eliminate the foul odor of your pets from carpets, tile, and upholstery. We provide pet odor removal services at the most affordable prices in San Diego CA and its nearby areas. 

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