How To Use Vinegar For Pet Urine Odor Removal?

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January 20, 2022

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AVS Carpet Cleaning
How To Use Vinegar For Pet Urine Odor Removal

If you have a pet at home, it would wander freely throughout the residence. Throughout this time, if a pet has an accident on your priceless carpeting or furniture, they will get soiled. Furthermore, if adequate cleanup is not performed, such urine-affected spots will emit a strong odor from your carpets.

Washing with distilled white vinegar is thought to be quite effective. It will help minimize the ammonia-like odor of pet pee. So, read on to learn how to use vinegar to remove pet urine odor from your carpet.

Quick Steps To Use Vinegar For Pet Urine Odor Removal

  1. As quickly as possible whenever your pet has an accident, begin dabbing the fluid with dry wipes. This is one of the most important of all DIY pet odor removal.
  2. In a mixing container, combine one part water and one part vinegar liquid. Apply this mixture onto the carpet’s damaged area.
  3. Let 5-10 minutes for the mixture to permeate into the bottom carpet fibers.
  4. Spray a teaspoon of baking soda upon that damaged portion of the carpeting once the solution has settled.
  5. Allow the baking soda mix to sit on the carpeting for 10-15 minutes. The stink of your pet’s urine can be removed using baking soda.
  6. Finally, vacuum the carpeting or furniture to ensure that it is completely dry.

Note: The color of the carpeting or furniture fibers would not be faded by using white vinegar.

Do You Need To Hire Professional Pet Urine Odor Removal Services?

In the preceding pet odor removal tips, you discovered how to use vinegar to remove pet urine odor. So, if you’ve had a pet mishap at home, use these steps. However, urine can often be deposited far within the carpet fibers. Unless you do not adequately remove this urine, mold or germs will begin to develop.

Taking professional pet smell and stain removal service, such as from AVS Carpet Cleaning, would be beneficial. To clean and dry the carpeting, our professionals employ high-tech water extraction techniques. This is a preventative measure we take to prevent fungal growth. With this and other pet odor removal hacks in the kitty, we are the pioneers in carpet cleaning.

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