What’s The Best Time To Window Cleaning?

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November 17, 2020

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AVS Carpet Cleaning
Best Time To Window Cleaning San Diego

Clean windows at home or office, makes the surrounding look good. Additionally, you also have an unobstructed view of the outside. Plus, you get more natural light inside. Therefore, it cuts down energy costs.

But to receive all these benefits, you need to hire professionals. Professionals have all the required equipment and training to clean your windows perfectly. That’s why professional window cleaning is important.

But what is the best time for window cleaning is the question many people have. This article answers the above question and also states the reasons to justify their answer.

Learn Which Is The Best Time To Window Cleaning And Why

Spring – The Best Time To Window Cleaning

For a long-lasting result, clean your windows in spring, especially if you ignore cleaning them in winters. After a freezing cold, the windows are covered in a thick coating of dust and other filthy things. Apart from that, the change in weather also causes the windows to become dirty.

The extent and frequency of window cleaning depend upon the building type. For a house, you can hire a professional window cleaning service twice a year. But with commercial space, you need to hire professionals on a monthly basis.

Window Cleaning Company San Diego

Benefits of Choosing Spring To Clean Your Windows

1. It is difficult to clean windows during summer since the window glasses are extremely hot. While in the rainy season, the downpour won’t let you get an effective result. Similarly, in winters the cleaning agents freeze on the glass and therefore don’t allow you to clean the windows properly.

2. Cleaning the windows in spring gets rid of all the filth accumulated during winters. This layer of filth, if not removed in spring, leaves behind streaks on the windows.

Let The Professional Handle Your Dirty Windows!

Now that you know when’s the best time to window cleaning, why not schedule one? AVS Carpet Cleaning is the leading window cleaning company, working with both residential and commercial clients.

We are a locally owned and operated window cleaning service in San Diego. So, if you need help to clean your windows, call us at (619) 410 4324. You can also join our online community on Facebook to keep in touch with us.

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