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Adults, kids, pets all are likely to create mess at homes. Wine spills, ink or paint stains on your couch or sofa completely transforms its looks. In such messy situations, professional upholstery cleaning services are boon to your lives.

However, many times, people shy away from hiring professionals because of negative things they have heard or read. So, here are some false upholstery cleaning myths that you must have read about.


Top Four Upholstery Cleaning Myths Exposed


1. Professional Upholstery Cleaning Is Not Good

This misunderstanding started because of professional upholstery scams. If you hire a professional without checking the background, you might end up being the target of such scams.

A good professional upholstery cleaner has the knowledge and skills to clean your upholstery well. They also provide tips on how to keep your upholstery clean at home on your own.

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2. Use Extremely Hot Water To Clean Upholstery

In case of synthetic fibers like olefin, cleaning your upholstery with hot water works effectively. Moreover, it also reduces the amount of cleaning solution and time.

However, cleaning the upholstery with hot water doesn’t work on all upholstery fabrics. In some cases, it leads to color bleeding, permanent discoloration and distortion.

3. Instructions On Tags Are Correct

Upholstery contains two types of tags: fiber content tag and cleaning code tag. Sometimes these both tags can deceive. Fibre tag specifies the material used for stuffing and cleaning code tags specify cleaning agents to be used for cleaning.

An expert upholstery cleaner should inform the clients about defectiveness in codes, which doesn’t guarantee thorough cleaning. Instead, both the professional and clients should discuss together the best cleaning procedure for the upholstery.

4. Professional Cleaning Only Removes Surface Dust

Although it is not visible from the surface, a lot of dirt and grime are trapped inside the upholstery fabric. Moreover, these dirt give rise to dust mites in your upholstery.

So, that’s why, get your upholstery cleaned regularly from a good professional upholstery cleaning company. It will keep the upholstery clean, looking good, and the environment free of germs.

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