What Is The Best Way To Clean Commercial Carpet?

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July 22, 2021

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AVS Carpet Cleaning
What Is The Best Way To Clean Commercial Carpet

There are different types of carpet cleaning methods used by people. But, when you are thinking about how to clean office carpet, selection of the best method is required. Some business owners also use commercial carpet cleaning equipment to remove the dirt and stains from the carpets.

Moreover, regular cleaning and maintenance of a commercial carpet are essential to keep the environment of the workplace positive and healthy. Are you looking for the best way to clean commercial carpet? Then, read the blog further.

Top Most Ways To Clean Commercial Carpets

Hiring the best cleaning services brings out several benefits of commercial carpet cleaning. Maintaining the carpet’s cleanliness and taking care of its sanitization are also important. Here are some good carpet cleaning methods.

♦ Steam / Wet Extraction Method

It is also known as the “wet method”. This machine is used to spray cleaning solutions along with hot water on the carpet. This hot water cleaning will extract all dirt, grime, and other waste pollutants present on the carpet. This method is the most effective way to clean dusty carpets.

♦ Bonnet Cleaning Method

It is termed as a harsh method to clean commercial carpets. Here, the carpet is first sprayed with detergent, and later a machine with a pad over the surface is moved on the carpet for cleaning. Although this is an old method, it is quite ineffective, and experienced carpet cleaning service providers refrain from using it.

♦ Dry Method

In this method, a chemical is sprayed on the carpet that dampens it, and later a cleaning powder is applied that is vacuumed off. This method drives efficient and fast results. No water is used in this technique, so preferable in commercial carpet cleaning.

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