Several Important Facts About Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

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February 1, 2022

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AVS Carpet Cleaning
Several Important Facts About Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

Dryer ventilation lines are one of your home’s most neglected and poorly maintained ventilation systems. They are, unfortunately, a dangerous hazard as a result of this.

Lint is produced in large quantities by dryers. Even though the machines include a lint catcher, you’d be shocked how little of the fuzzy things the screen truly captures. Your dryer vent lines become clogged with lint over time, and if you don’t clean them at least once a year, you risk a dryer fire in your home. So, it is very important to choose a professional Dryer Vent Cleaning service to reduce fire dangers. Here are several things that you should know about cleaning a dryer vent.

Things You Should Know About Dryer Vent Cleaning

  • Dryer Vent Cleaning Reduces The Risk Of Fire

Dryer vents that are dirty or blocked are one of the major causes of house fires Some lint from your clothes makes its way past the lint trap and into the dryer vent as you use the dryer. As the buildup progresses, the vent becomes increasingly hot. Unfortunately, lint is extremely combustible, and even a small amount of heat can cause it to ignite, causing fatal house fires.

  • Cleaning Lint Trap Is Not Sufficient

Removing lint from the lint trap will help you go longer between dryer cleanings, but it won’t prevent you from having one in the future. An annual examination with an experienced dryer vent cleaning technician is recommended. This way, you’ll be able to keep track of the accumulation and clean it out before the lint becomes a fire threat.

  • There Are Warning Signs

Because you can’t see inside your dryer vent, figuring out when it’s time to clean it can be a bit of a mystery. However, there are a few things to watch out for. Check the temperature of the outside when you run the dryer. If it’s unusually hot, it’s most likely due to a clogged vent that’s preventing airflow. Besides this, if your dryer isn’t drying your clothes quickly as it should, a buildup of lint in the vent could be decreasing its effectiveness.

How Do Professionals Clean Dryer Vents?

The dryer vent cleaning specialist will first begin the process by finding and removing the exterior dryer cap. They’ll then snake brush the vent into the vent with a tube-like vacuum to loosen and remove any material. If any blockages are clinging to the vent walls, the cleaning expert will scrape them away with the snake brush.

Bends and elbows are the locations of your vents that will receive the most attention. Because these areas accumulate dirt and debris more quickly than other portions of the vent, they will take extra precautions to ensure that everything within gets vacuumed out.

However, this isn’t included with every dryer vent cleaning. The majority of cleanings consist of scraping dirt out of the vent and vacuuming it out.

Choose Efficient And Trustworthy Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

If you are concerned about your dryer’s performance or if you haven’t scheduled a dryer vent cleaning service in over a year, then hire AVS Carpet Cleaning. We have a knowledgeable team who can assist you with everything from air duct sanitization to allergy treatment. So, feel free to call us now and make an appointment with us!

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