Things To Know About Professional Carpet Pretreatment

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February 8, 2021

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Professional Carpet Pretreatment Services San Diego

Carpets, at any place, go through immense amounts of wear and tear. Hence, keeping it clean is a job that consumes lots of time and effort. Carpet cleaning involves multiple steps with each step being extremely intensive and time-consuming.

Unfortunately, sometimes carpet stains come back after cleaning. That means all your efforts to clean the upholstery went to the drain. Well, in this case, allow professional carpet cleaning experts to clean your carpets. They follow a standard cleaning process.

This cleaning process involves professional carpet pretreatment. There are few articles highlighting the significance of this step. Hence, we thought to compose one for you to help you understand how important this step is.

Importance of Professional Carpet Pretreatment

Professional Carpet Pretreatment San Diego

Steam carpet cleaning is a very common method of carpet cleaning employed by professionals. But if you infuse this cleaning with professional carpet pretreatment, you get much better results.

Though steam helps to break down most stain types, there are a few which need extra effort to remove. Stains that form because of food items, grease, oil, paint, ink, etc., need pretreatment, to remove them completely from the carpet.

Remember, pretreatment of carpet is not just required for the stained part but is also important for the entire carpet. Professional carpet pretreatment helps to break down soil, debris, grime stuck inside the carpet.

1. Vacuuming with Cleaning Agents

To get the best result from professional carpet pretreatment, it is important that the carpet is vacuumed properly and thoroughly. Vacuuming will remove the dust, dirt, grime present on the surface as well as breakdown stains.

2. Use Safe Cleaning Products

It’s important to read the product labels while buying them. This ensures that you don’t buy products that don’t work well for your carpet fiber type. Correct products won’t cause any harm to your carpets.

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