Effective Ideas for Carpet Pet Stain And Odor Removal

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December 28, 2021

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AVS Carpet Cleaning
Effective Ideas for Carpet Pet Stain And Odor Removal

The sweetest buddies we can own are our dogs. Providing care for them makes you feel like you have great affection for them. Nature, on the other hand, beckons!

Even if your pet has been well-trained, occasionally mishaps are unavoidable. Pet urine on the carpeting can produce unsightly stains and odors that are hazardous to one’s health. Want to know what kills pet odor in the carpet?

Here are a few suggestions for carpet pet stain and odor removal.

Effective Ideas For Carpet Pet Stain And Odor Removal

1. Stain Removal

The pH of the very first produced pee is about 5 or 6, indicating that it is on the acidic end of the pH scale. At this point, removing the pee is much easy. When pee dries, its pH rises somewhere around 10 and 12, making it harder to clean.

⇒ New Stains

  • Place toilet tissue on the moist spot right away.
  • Help absorb as much pee as you can.
  • Wash the affected region with water and dab it dry.

⇒ Old Stains

Certain spots may go undetected for a long period, making them tough to clean.

  • Use vinegar and warm water mixture (1:1) to the spot.
  • Fill the mixture with baking soda and set it aside to dry. The sound of fizzing shows that stain molecules are being lifted.
  • Remove the baking soda after it has dried.

Though several people advise against using vinegar on carpeting due to the fiber deterioration it might bring. To determine the compatibility of a product, every time try it on a concealed area beforehand. These hacks are quite useful for carpet pet stain and odor removal.

2. Odor Removal

Owing to the emission of substances like ammonia into the atmosphere, decaying urine has a foul stench.

  • Bio-enzymes applied to the fibers to eradicate foul odor-creating microbes can be beneficial.
  • Baking soda, when used to remove stains, additionally serves to decrease pet odor.
  • Citrus and hydrogen peroxide work together to create a strong disinfectant that works well on pet stains and odors. Enzyme-mediated cleansers like citrus and hydrogen peroxide will help to nullify odors and remove stains.

Following the carpet pet stain and odor removal techniques, you’ve tried your best to maintain your carpeting tidy. But are you still perplexed as to why the older stains are still visible? Or thinking what kills pet odor in the carpet? It’s time to enlist the assistance of professional carpet cleaning services.

Learn more about the significance of choosing professional carpet cleaning services.

Find Reliable Carpet Pet Stain And Odor Removal Services Near You

In San Diego, AVS Carpet Cleaning offers professional pet odor removal services. Our cleaning staff takes extra precautions to eliminate pet stains and odors.

We will provide you with a totally new carpet that is made using sustainable components, leaving your home clean and protected. Contact us today.

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