How To Remove Dog Urine Stains From Ceramic Tiles?

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May 19, 2022

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AVS Carpet Cleaning
How To Remove Dog Urine Stains From Ceramic Tiles_

It is a sad reality that as much as you love dogs, their peeing on your ceramic tile flooring ruins it. The stain and odor are hard to remove and conceal. Plus, once the dog urinates at a given spot, they will tend to repeat the process till you get rid of the stain and odor from that place.

If you are in the same dilemma on how to remove dog urine stains from ceramic tiles, then you are at the right place.

Steps on How To Remove Dog Urine Stains From Ceramic Tiles

Dogs’ pee can tarnish any attractive tiles, especially one as smooth and delicate as ceramic tiles. Many people still know how to clean the tiles but have no clue about the best way to clean grouts. This process then complicates when dog urine is involved.

So, if you want to know how do you remove old urine stains from ceramic tiles in a simplified manner, follow the below steps.

Remove The Stains From The Tile Flooring.

Take a towel and soak it well in white vinegar; take the soaked towel and place it over the stained area for 10 minutes. Vinegar is an excellent scent neutralizing agent. For better results, pour some of it on grouts before laying down the towel.

The towel will release vinegar while not splattering everywhere. The vinegar will break down the stain furthermore. After 10 minutes, use a clean towel to remove any leftover pet urine stain residue.

Do not Forget To Clean the Grout.

Grouts are small and hard to clean, especially when you have to clean pet urine off them. Since grouts are porous, they absorb any liquid, even pet urine. So, if the stain is old, the grouts most likely have absorbed them.

Make a mixture of baking soda with either water or vinegar and apply this paste to the grouts using a toothbrush. Rub the grouts till they are clean. Rinse the grouts with water and dry them off with a towel.

Use Store-Bought Cleaners.

Pet urine contains enzymes and bacteria that are hard to eliminate with home remedies. For that, you can use store-bought cleaners to clean the ceramic tile flooring.

The chemicals in the cleaners react with the bacteria present in dog urine. They actively break down the urine and can gradually remove the stain and odor from the tile flooring.

Some things to remember-

  • Take safety precautions like a mask and gloves while cleaning.
  • Try to clean the stain as early as possible.
  • Do not scrub the tiles harshly.
  • Avoid using chemicals that are harsh for tile.

Contact Professional Tile and Grout Cleaner!

When the dog urine stains are too stubborn, your last resort is to hire professional tile and grout cleaning services. They use different cleaning methods and products to remove dog urine while keeping the tiles safe and secure.

If you are tired of cleaning pet urine stains from your ceramic tiles unsuccessfully, it is time to call professionals from AVS Carpet Cleaning. Our tile cleaning specialists provide effective and affordable cleaning services in the San Diego area.

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