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It is easy to remove paint from glazed or unglazed tiles. But, you need to use the right method for doing it, else it will destroy the look of your kitchen or bathroom area. If the paint is fresh, then you can use a natural cleaner to remove it. 

Moreover, if the tiles are more porous, then you may need to wipe off the extra paint strips. Sometimes the dried out paint damages the look of your home. In this blog, you will learn a few steps on how to clean floor tiles after painting.

Steps On How To Clean Floor Tiles After Painting

  1. Take one cup of water and 1 cup of vinegar in a pan. Heat the solution in the pan and let it boil completely. 
  2. Take a dry cloth and dip it in the hot solution. Then, place this cloth on the dried paint stain. 
  3. Wait until the paint softens after placing this hot cloth. 
  4. Once the paint gets soft, then brush or scrub it immediately until the stain is removed.
  5. If the paint is not removed from this hot vinegar solution, then you need to use a paint remover. 
  6. You can apply a little amount of paint remover on the scrub pad. Then, scrub this pad on the paint stain until it is wiped off completely. 
  7. Further, if the paint stain still doesn’t get removed, then use a chemical paint removal product.

Looking For a Professional Tile And Grout Cleaning Services in San Diego?

Clean Floor Tiles

There are 3 ways discussed above to clean floor tiles after painting in your home. You can start with the simple method to remove paint stain from your tiles. But, if the paint stain is very hard or its removal can damage other tiles on the floor, then you must take help of the professionals.

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