Acquaint Yourself With Factors Affecting Carpet Cleaning Prices

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August 27, 2021

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AVS Carpet Cleaning
Professional Carpet Cleaning Prices San Diego

Everyone loves carpets; adults, kids, and pets, as they provide warmth and comfort. In addition to that, they also contribute to the style and design of the space. But, to keep these carpets looking beautiful and well-maintained is an important task.

However, when people check professional carpet cleaning prices, they shy away from hiring them. Additionally, regular carpet cleaning removes all the sticky particles, providing you with a healthy environment.

Even though carpet cleaning offers amazing benefits, the high pricing of carpet cleaning stops potential customers from investing in them. Here, we have discussed factors influencing carpet cleaning costs.

Four Factors Influencing Carpet Cleaning Prices

♦ Area Of Carpet

The size, carpet type, amount of damage also influence the carpet cleaning price. Moreover, the carpet shape and soil content in carpets also contribute to the pricing of carpet cleaning. Most professional carpet cleaners provide per square cost of the carpet to standardize the cost for all carpets.

♦ Size Of House

The size of the house and carpet area also influences carpet cleaning prices. The bigger the size, the more will be the cost of professional carpet cleaning services. Plus, additional charges apply to clean carpeted stairs as it needs more time, labor and special tools.

♦ Cleaning Method And Cleaning Solution Used

Carpet cleanings are of two types. Encapsulation (chemical) cleaning uses chemical products and provides you with a clean carpet in two hours. In the steam carpet cleaning method, the cleaning and drying process takes 6-12 hours. So, the cost depends upon which carpet cleaning method you choose.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Prices San Diego

♦ Time Needed For Cleaning

The cleaning time of carpets depends on the carpet type and the amount of dirt present in it. So, the price of carpet cleaning will depend on the time needed to clean your carpet. Moreover, stains take more time and effort to remove. So, inform your professional cleaner beforehand to get the right quote from him. Hence, carpet cleaning is an important task to keep healthy home surroundings.

How Much Should I Charge To Clean A 3 Bedroom House?

Mainly, it depends on different factors as discussed above. For a 2000 square foot home, the cost is $150-$250 for carpet cleaning. However, AVS Carpet Cleaning in the San Diego area offers fair prices for professional carpet cleaning services. Our expert carpet cleaners charge as per foot square with zero hidden costs.

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