Easy Upholstery Maintenance Tips After A Professional Upholstery Cleaning

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December 2, 2020

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AVS Carpet Cleaning
Upholstery Maintenance Tips

Upholstery furniture such as sofas, couches, armchairs needs a huge investment from your side. That’s why you can’t replace them when stained or dirty. So, you need to follow certain upholstery maintenance tips so they look good for the years to come.

The problem with upholstery is that it attracts lots of dirt and germs from the surroundings. Now, these contaminants on the upholstery cause harm to your health and also decrease the hygiene of your home. Thus, upholstery cleaning is important for your well-being.

Many homeowners complain that their upholstery looks dull after a short period of professional upholstery cleaning. That’s why this blog provides you some easy upholstery maintenance tips to keep them looking great.

5 Easy Upholstery Maintenance Tips That You Can Use After Professional Cleaning

<1> Use A Scrubbing Brush To Get The Upholsteries Color Back

The color of upholstery fades as time goes on. But that’s not a reason to buy a new one. You can also use a scrubbing brush and gently brush through your upholstery fabric. Then, clean the upholstery with a vacuum cleaner and remove the dirt and dust from deep within.

Easy Upholstery Maintenance Tips

<2> Keep Upholstery Away From Direct Sunlight

Upholstery fabrics get damaged if they come in contact with direct sunlight. The ultraviolet rays damage the pigment present in the fabric and hence it fades at places where sunlight falls. To prevent this, professionals advise keeping your blinds down during the day time.

<3> Pat The Cushion

Since you use upholstery daily, the pillows on them end up being mashed. The soft pillows mold easily and slowly they lose their shape. Nevertheless, the best way to avoid it is to pat the cushions gently to restore their shape. Further, you can also change their places and flip them over every few days.

<4> Utilize Upholstery Stain Protection Products

Upholstery stain protection products are the best way to avoid the permanent staining of upholstery. You can ask any upholstery cleaner for the type of upholstery stain protectant to use, which will suit your upholstery. Then spray it all over your upholstery to keep it stain-free.

<5> Clean The Surface of The Upholstery Regularly

Dirt, dust, germs, etc, live on your upholstery daily. So the professional advice to clean your weekly with a vacuum. Although you might see dust some days, don’t skip out as sometimes the dust lives deeper. This helps in maintaining your upholstery after professional cleaning.

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