Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning Cost Factors

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November 10, 2020

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AVS Carpet Cleaning
Dryer Vent Cleaning Cost Factors San Diego

Systematic dryer vent cleaning is necessary, especially if your commercial building is making use for laundry. Dryer vent inevitably traps all the lint build up, and that can catch fire. Investing in regular vent cleaning is a key piece of dryer vent system maintenance.

Besides this, avoiding dryer vent cleaning can affect your utility bill. Lint and dust decreases the efficiency of your vent. Incompetent dryer vent needs more power, energy, and money to clean your clothes.

If you fail to clean the vent for a longer time, then it leads to the growth of mildew. You can also observe unwanted guests like rodents, bacteria and allergens in your commercial building.

As a business owner, maintaining dryer vent clean and efficient is a complicated task. So, let’s focus on a few commercial dryer vent cleaning cost factors.

Factors That Determine Dryer Vent Cleaning Cost


⇒ Size of Area & Amount of Cleaning Work

Before heading to professionals, it is important to make a list of things you want to get clean. Commercial buildings can install different sizes of dryer vent as per their requirement. It is important to specify the area when you opt as professionals for cleaning.

Experts will always provide you with a costing estimate as per the surface you want to get clean. Areas such as exhaust hoods, hoses, and vent ducting need proper tools and techniques to clean.

⇒ Condition of Dryer Vents

Dirtier and contaminated vents require proper attention and skill of professionals. Dirtier dryer vents bring lots of challenges for experts because they need more time to clean the surface thoroughly.

It is advisable to get your dryer vent clean at least once a year, but the contamination will also affect the cost factor. Less lint build up and dirt will reduce your expenses as it is easy to clean. More frequent vent cleaning can avoid this kind of situation.

dirty dryer vents San Diego

⇒ Labor Prices For Cleaning

Cost for dryer vent cleaning depends on how many people it requires doing the job. More people working to clean your dryer vent, then more you have to spend.

Before hiring any contractor for your dryer vent cleaning, it is important to ask about their labor rates. Normally, the company can charge as per the hour for their work. If they spend more time cleaning the dirty vents, then the charges also vary.

Need Professional For Your Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning?

In countries like the U.S, there are almost 1500 cases that take place for fire catching because of dryer vents. If you are a business owner and still ignoring your dryer vent, then it may cause serious health issues to surrounding people.

Experts like AVS Carpet Cleaning have been working in this field for many years. Hiring us can ensure you for safe and guaranteed results in less time. To avail our other services also connect us at 619-410-4324. For more details on dryer vent cleaning cost factors, follow our Twitter page.

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