Carpet Cleaning Services: Why Do Some Stains Reappear?

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April 16, 2022

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AVS Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning Services_ Why Do Some Stains Reappear_

It is very frustrating to clean the same stain existing on your carpet over and over again. Why does it happen that the stain doesn’t disappear permanently after being washed using DIY home remedies? The reason behind this is that DIY cleaning methods don’t always work.

Plus, the reappearance of carpet stains also depends on the stain type. Some stains reappear right after cleaning and some show up after weeks of disappearance. So what to do in this case? Well, don’t worry! We have got you covered. Here are the reasons why carpet cleaning services are necessary.

Reasons For Reappearance Of Carpet Stains After Cleaning

1. Wicking

Few stains come back because of wicking. This happens because the stain has reached the carpet backing and the padding. Thus, it has ruined the carpet deep inside.

All the fault lies in providing excessive moisture to the carpet while trying to clean the stain out of the carpet. Because of coming in contact with so much moisture, the stain dissolves and spreads along with the depth of the carpet.

So after the water is removed from the carpet, the leftover dirty water dries up, and it wicks up in the carpet fibers. Thus, the stain is again visible once the carpet is completely dried up.

2. Residue

Some stains are formed because of excessive residue left behind during the cleaning process. This includes carpet shampoo, cleaning products, soaps, etc., which were left behind during carpet cleaning services.

These residues are unfortunately sticky and therefore draw dust and germs towards the carpet. You can see this phenomenon more precisely in high-traffic areas where the carpet comes more in contact with filthy substances.

Though carpet cleaning services are important, using the traditional method isn’t much effective. Spots and stains reappear faster when you use traditional carpet cleaning ways.

How Do You Get Rid Of Recurring Carpet Stains?

How Do You Get Rid Of Recurring Carpet Stains?

To get rid of recurring stains there are some simple steps you need to follow.

If you see any carpets stains reappearing follow this procedure.

Step 1: Remove Excess Solids Or Scrape ASAP

Step 2: Apply A Carpet Stain Remover

Step 3: Blot Stain Away With Brush Or Rug

These steps will help to remove any residue or recurring stains on the carpet. DIY means a lot of manpower and new tools which cannot be easily available in any normal home. Professional carpet cleaning services help to overcome your problems.

Professionals of carpet cleaning services are well-trained in all the conditions and aim to provide the best services around the area. They have hi-tech tools and experts in all kinds of processes. For a free quote or some maintenance tips give them a call.

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