What is Carpet Cleaning Dwell Time? Why Is It So Important?

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June 23, 2021

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AVS Carpet Cleaning
What is Carpet Cleaning Dwell Time? Why Is It So Important?

With the world worried about the COVID 19 outbreak, it is essential to get rid of germs from every nook and corner. It goes without saying that your carpets and rugs are home to many harmful microorganisms. These pollutants include germs, dirt particles, viruses, bacteria, etc.

To completely remove them, it is necessary to use a qualitative cleaning solution and give it a dwell time.

Basically, carpet cleaning dwell time is the amount of time given to your carpet’s surface to remain wet. This time is crucial to allow the chemicals to be in contact with the pathogens in order to destroy them.

Relevance Of Carpet Cleaning Dwell Time

Disinfectants are effective in killing harmful pathogens. But they can only work as long as appropriate dwell time is given to it.

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Why does carpet cleaning dwell time hold so much importance?

Most people spray the disinfectant on their carpet and immediately clean it. This leaves no time for it to sanitize or kill the microorganisms. Hence, it is valuable to give your carpet cleaning an effective dwell time to get sterilized thoroughly.

With the right amount of dwell time, all harmful particles, bacteria, and germs can be killed to make your carpets sanitized. Most professional carpet cleaning services know the right amount of dwell time for their disinfectants.

Generally, a dwell time of 15 seconds to 20 minutes is considered to be adequate. You can also verify as it’s mentioned on the disinfectant.

Make Your Carpets Germs-Free With Professional Cleaning Services!

Carpet cleaning dwell time is very necessary if you want to eliminate all the harmful microorganisms from your carpets. But if you want your carpet cleaning to have a professional touch, AVS Carpet Cleaning is here to help you.

Our team of professionals works tirelessly to provide clean carpets to the residents of San Diego. If you require the helping hand of our carpet cleaning professionals, we are just a call away at 619-410-4324.

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