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Have you ever taken a look towards your dryer vent? How the dust has accumulated on the outer surface? This may not be a list of chores you do on a daily basis, but it is important to take proper care of it. 

Moreover, countries like the U.S stand second in fire hazards of cloth dryers due to lint build-up. People are getting very busy in their working life and ignoring their dryer vent precautions. 

The accumulated dust particles are the reason why the laundry room catches fire easily? It is always necessary to empty the lint build-up of your dryer vents so that you can maintain its working efficiency. Even, you can stop preventing structural moisture. So let’s learn here the quick steps on how to clean dryer vent from outside.

Quick Steps To Clean Dryer Vent From Outside

a) Location of Your Vent

In order to clean your duct ventilation system properly, it is always essential to locate the vent in the proper manner. However, where the vent installation system starts and ends in your home, which plays an important role.  Every duct unit has a 4-inch diameter exhaust that is connected from inside, disconnecting the duct properly and safely by unplugging the power cord from the wall outlet.

b) Deep Cleaning

How To Clean Dryer Vent From Outside

Before starting the process you should have proper access to the dryer duct opening in your laundry room. You can buy any dryer vent cleaning kit that consists of lint brush and long flexible segments. Now, spin the brush with a great amount of power to the end of your duct. This will help you in removing logged dirt and debris. Moreover, it will collect lint from inside also.

c) Vacuum The Dryer Vent

Once the lint has been extracted, use a vacuum to take out all the debris from the out surface. Vacuuming will absorb all the large particles from the edges and corners. Once everything is tidy, put all the things in its place. However, if your dryer uses a soft foil vent link up the wall, just remove it as it can cause a fire risk. After thoroughly cleaning just try out your dryer vent working efficiency.


Ignoring dryer vent cleaning for 2 years may lead you for the new or replacement cost. Likewise, dirty dryer vents lead to health issues for your family members. Also, cleaning your dryer vent on your own can be risky due to a lack of knowledge of the system.

Experts like AVS Carpet Cleaning are well specialized in handling your dryer vent more professionally. If you are also planning to seek professional help in San Diego or any nearby surrounding area then connect with us today. To get a free quote to pin us today at 619-410-4324, follow our Facebook page for more updates on how to clean dryer vent from outside.